The size of first three litters of the European mink born this year checked for sex and number

10 days after birth we count the mink babies. That is how many are born, what sex etc. That is a time for different moods. Not always things work out as planned before breeding season.

A female called Rulla had only one female pup, another female Kelly seven pups (four males and three females).

Today we checked the next female and she has 6 pups (one male and five females). Well, it feels good to see so many young pups, but also brings along worries. Do female have enough milk to raise up such a number of pups. Very ofter poor mom is not able to this and then in one day, all of a suddenly we find less young in the nest. This time we have a worry with Kelly, she is nervous and the pups are unquiet. It is likely that we have to move some of her pups to another female, probably Kelly. That is, of course, after marking the young with chips.

Next week we hope to film the first check of litter. So keep your eyes on the blog.

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