In collaboration with Tallinn Zoo in 2016, we started to actively raise funding for several endangered species. In 2018, a grand total of 23 326,91 Euros was collected from the sales of non-profit merchandise and donations. This is almost double the amount of 2017.

The beginning of 2018 brought a pleasant surprise – a generous donor gave 2000 Euros for the protection of snow leopards on the occasion of her 50th birthday! This is to date the largest private donation made to a species conservation organisation through us. In total, 3456,82 Euros were collected for the protection of snow leopards. This will be transferred to the respective conservation organisation Snow Leopard Trust.

For the amur tiger and amur leopard, 3258,92 Euros were raised. The donation will go to WildCats Conservation Alliance that coordinates conservation efforts on the border of Russia and China.

Tallinn Zoo’s black rhino supporter, an Estonian company named FRAMM, made a donation of 5000 Euros for Sumatran Rhinos. In total, we raised 7430,19 Euros to support the Ol Jogi conservancy in Kenya. This will be sent to the international conservation organisation Save the Rhino.

We also raised 2839,23 Euros for the protection and research of the flying squirrel, which will go to Estonian Fund for Nature.

And finally, for the European mink, we raised 6341,75 Euros.

You can make a contribution to species conservation here! 

Thank you for helping us help!