To date, Foundation Lutreola has focused on the European mink and one of our most important activities has been creating and maintaining the European mink population on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa. But we are supporting the conservation of other endangered species as well.

In cooperation with Tallinn Zoo, we are fundraising to support the conservation of endangered species like amur leopardamur tigersnow leopard, and black rhinoceros. If you wish to support in situ conservation of these species (or European mink, of course) you can


Make a donation to the account of foundation Lutreola



Please include your identity code (Foundation Lutreola is included in the list of income tax incentive non-profit organisations), tag DONATION in the payment information and the species you wish to support (snow leopard, amur leopard/amur tiger, European mink, rhino, flying squirrel or species protection in general)

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