European mink map in IUCN Redlist is misleading

IUCN Redlist is definitely a very good source of information about the status of species.

That holds also for the European mink. Since the recent update, which shifted Euroean mink to the category ofCritically Endangered Species, it contains the most updated information currently available about its status.

In this light it is dissapointing that the map provided in IUCN Redlist site (cklick here) is flawed.  The problem is that the definition of yellow-color areas, “extant populations”, is incorrect.

For Russia, the original legend for yellow areas was – MAY STILL SURVIVE. The latter  meaning is completely different to “extant”, as it stand now. The yellow areas in Russia does not mean that there are healthy populations, far from this. It means that it is likely something may still exists in this areas in contrast ot the red color “Possibly extinct” , which mean that the species is most likely extinct.

I wrote respective note to IUCN Redlist authorities, but have not received any feedback. Usually to have anything changed in Redlist site is very time-consuming and cumbersome task – do not expect rapid corrections.

So keep in mind that this map is very misleading and tust more the text.


Last, but not least. The map does not highlight the establishing population in Hiiumaa Island in Estonia that is our own work during last ten years.

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