Mink furfarming banned in the Netherlands

Recently I heard a news from my friends in Spain about the Holland ban of mink farming. Although it does not help the European mink conservation too much, it is good news none the less.

Holland, being the third largest mink-farming country in Europe (after Denmark and Finland) has made a historic decision to ban mink farming in their 170 mink farms for the year 2024. Regretfully so far the Estonian authorities have not had the decisiveness to ban the few local farms in the country. Considering the amount of wildlife here in comparison with Holland, it would be remarkably more important.

On the other hand, the news is also alarming. It is likely that the mink farming companies in Holland will start to seek new locations and the eastern European and Baltic countries may be easy targets for them, as the state control systems have appeared much less effective.

Farming the mink is already banned in the UK (since 2003), Austria, Croatia and some states in Germany.

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