European Mink Day 2018

This year we celebrated the European Mink Day for the third time in Tallinn Zoo and it was a great success. There were a lot of activities for everyone.

Drawing contest– Since we have about 100 minks at Tallinn Zoo and we also celebrated Estonia’s 100thAnniversary of Independence this year, we decided to name our drawing contest “Estonia’s 100 minks”. We invited schools, kindergartens (children aged 3-18) and also adults to participate. The best pictures will be added to new European mink charity notebooks and can be purchased from Species Conservation Boutique next year.


Drawing and crafts activities for smaller children


Excursions to the European Mink Breeding Center (which is a restricted area, where zoo visitors normally can’t go)


Mink radio tracking– Visitors had to find a mink mascot (who was carrying a mink radio collar) from the zoo territory. After capturing the “mink” they had to check if it had a transponder (which is an indicator that the animal is not wild born) and take all the necessary measurements (from paws, tail, ears etc.) like the conservation scientists do on the field.


Workshop “Who was eaten by the mink?” – Participants had to go through mink feces to find any remains of its food objects (feathers, small mammal bones, fish scales etc.)


Exhibition about European mink ex situ and in situconservation work


Mustelid trivia evening with the focus on e-mink


Lutreola Species Conservation Boutique charity sale (

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