The annual monitoring of the status of European mink population in Hiiumaa has revealed that the population abundance has remained stable for the last years, even though there haven’t been any additional releases to the island since 2017. Besides the fact that the isla...
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GaiaZOO & EAZA Small Carnivore TAG organised the 1st International Small Carnivore Workshop during 20-22 of March 2019. The days were full of interesting and practical presentations about the endangered small carnivore husbandry and conservation, including a keynote spee...
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We are happy to announce that in 2018, a grand total of 23 326,91 Euros was collected from the sales of non-profit merchandise and donations. This is almost double the amount of 2017. Furthermore, donations for conservation of endangered species have increased every year. Fi...
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Welcome to

The Lutreola foundation is a species conservation organization started in 1992. The main focus of our activities over the years has been the conservation of the European mink (Mustela lutreola) with an objective of population restoration on the Estonian islands, namely Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. We also work on the international level with various different organizations ranging from theWAZA to different zoos and other conservation-oriented bodies around the world.

The aim of this website is to reflect the activities of our foundation on the Internet, but also to serve as a gateway of information related to the conservation of the European mink. We launched our new site in January 2013. The history before 2011 can be seen on our old site.

Recently the activities of the Lutreola foundation have been expanding in range, increasingly addressing several other species and conservation areas. These are also reflected in this site.

This website has been created with support from the Environmental Investement Centre of Estonia.

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